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Kangaro FP-20 Paper Punch, Pack of 1Pcs.

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Features One hole handy punch with paper chip holder. Specifications Punching Capacity : 15 Sheets of 75~80 gsm paper No. of Holes : 1 Punching Dia : 4.5mm & 6.00mm

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About this item
  1. Office Use: School Use: Home Use:

Kangaro FP-20 Paper Punch is widely used in offices for various paper punching tasks. It is used to punch holes in documents, reports, and presentations. The tool is highly efficient and can punch up to 20 sheets of paper at a time, which makes it ideal for office use. It can help you save time and effort in completing your office tasks.

    What is a Paper Punching Machine?

    A paper punching machine is a tool used to make holes in paper or other materials, such as plastic or cardboard. The holes created by the machine can be used to bind documents together, such as in a binder or notebook, or to hang documents on a hook or string. There are many different types of paper punching machines, including manual and electric models, as well as different sizes and hole patterns.

    Benefits of Using a Paper Punching Machine

    There are several benefits to using a paper punching machine, including:


    Using a paper punching machine can make your paperwork process more efficient. Rather than using a manual hole puncher and punching one page at a time, a paper punching machine can punch multiple pages at once. This can save you time and make the process much faster.


    A paper punching machine can also provide consistency in the hole placement. With a manual hole puncher, it can be difficult to ensure that the holes are in the same place on every page. With a paper punching machine, the holes will be in the exact same spot on every page, providing a more professional and polished look.


    Paper punching machines are also versatile tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to punch holes in different sizes and patterns, making them suitable for different binding methods. For example, some machines can punch holes for spiral binding, while others can punch holes for comb binding.

    Types of Paper Punching Machines

    There are several types of paper punching machines, including:

    Manual Paper Punching Machine

    A manual paper punching machine is a simple tool that is operated by hand. It can punch a limited number of pages at once and is suitable for small to medium-sized jobs.

    Electric Paper Punching Machine

    An electric paper punching machine is a more advanced tool that is powered by electricity. It can punch larger volumes of paper at once and is suitable for larger jobs. Electric paper punching machines can also come with additional features, such as automatic paper feeding and hole pattern selection.

    Heavy-Duty Paper Punching Machine

    A heavy-duty paper punching machine is designed for high-volume punching jobs. It is built to handle large volumes of paper and can punch through thicker materials, such as cardboard or plastic.

    Choosing the Right Paper Punching Machine

    When choosing a paper punching machine, there are several factors to consider, including:


    Consider the capacity of the machine, which refers to how many sheets of paper it can punch at once. If you have a large volume of paper to punch, look for a machine with a high capacity.

    Hole Pattern

    Consider the hole pattern that you require for your documents. Different hole patterns are suitable for different binding methods, such as comb binding or spiral binding.


    Consider the size of the machine, especially if you have limited workspace. Choose a machine that will fit comfortably on your desk or workspace.


    Consider your budget when choosing a paper punching machine. Manual machines are generally more affordable, while electric and heavy-duty machines can be more expensive.


    In conclusion, a paper punching machine can be a valuable tool for streamlining your paperwork process. They can save you time and effort, while also providing consistency and versatility in your hole-punching needs.

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